Digitising the primary school classroom via interactive tablets


FOUNDED May 2011

PARTNERED October 2012

WHERE THEY ARE The Netherlands; with offices in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

WHAT THEY DO Provide tablets – loaded with lesson plans and exercises on the internet – to primary school classrooms, replacing books and other traditional teaching methods.

AIM Enhance learning and improve the quality of basic education and individualised education via adaptive learning, reduce costs and make teaching more appealing.

RESULTS SO FAR Improved learning performances as result of direct feedback. More interaction. Direct insight into individual student performance.

CLIENTS Primary schools.

THE CHALLENGE Needed growth capital – and expertise – to realise its ambitions for further rollout in the Netherlands and abroad.

SUSTAINABILITY Having tablets which can be loaded with lesson plans and exercises eliminates the need for computers, exercise books and other materials.

WHY 5SQUARE 5square invested in Snappet because it believes the adaptive learning market is on the verge of undergoing major change over the next few years – and Snappet is well positioned to play an integral role. 5square was keen to help the entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions.