Remco van den Heuvel



FIRST JOB F16 Fighter pilot training.

I STUDIED Business Economics, Groningen University.

I AM A people’s person. I have very good intuition about people and strategy – especially when it comes to difficult situations. I like finding solutions whilst taking into account all the different stakeholders.

I HAVE To win. In any game or business, a ‘winners mentality’ is crucial. In our job as investors, you continually have to be creative in order to find opportunities. And you have to work together in a team to win. Every entrepreneur is different – so each approach has to be different too.

I LOVE My wife and 3 sons.

I BELIEVE IN Creating your own destiny. People that have a real passion to change a world give me so much energy.

MY BUSINESS STRENGTHS Assessing and closing the right deals with a well-defined joint partnership.
Challenging the management teams in order to keep on track.
Being there whenever I’m needed.
Being a good listener.

RESPONSIBILITIES Determining strategies, deal structuring, and motivating management teams.

BEST WORK MOMENT Closing a transaction. Being excited about the people I’m going to be working with.

MOST CHALLENGING WORK MOMENT As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve been through many very difficult situations. If you haven’t felt that kind of stress – and found all kinds of solutions – I don’t think you’re in a position to be an all-round investor; one that adds value rather than simply invests.

I ADMIRE Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Semler. He has a totally different outlook on management: he believes in giving people the space and freedom they need to develop their full potential. He advocates thinking differently – and the importance of listening instead of talking.

MY FAVOURITE THINGS My father died last year so the houses we bought together in a small village on the Aegean Sea in Turkey will always hold special memories. I’m not much of a materialist.




Photography by Jordi Huisman