Nick Huurman

Nick Huurman

SINCE 2019

FIRST JOB Ski instructor in Wengen Switzerland for one winterseason.

I STUDIED Financial Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam.

I AM A team player. I really enjoy it if we reach our goals together and win as a team.

I HAVE To win. I am very competitive and are always looking for ways on how to improve.

I LOVE Being active. Work, sports or having a beer with friends.

I BELIEVE IN Creating your own luck through hard work and perseverance.

MY BUSINESS STRENGTHS Team player, analytical and getting stuff done.

RESPONSIBILITIES Assessing business plans, supporting management teams.

BEST WORK MOMENT Realizing a first round of financing and setting ourselves up for success.

MOST CHALLENGING WORK MOMENT Still working on a project, while others slowly gave up.

I ADMIRE people who excel in their field.