MyMicro Group

A world in which a minimum of devices go to waste



WHERE THEY ARE The headquarters is located in Beek en Donk, Brabant.

WHAT THEY DO MyMicro Group is the leading provider of aftermarket repair parts in the Benelux. With 15 years of experience in the market MyMicro Group has learned to develop and adapt to market trends, developing new product categories and partnerships according to market insight and consumer demand.

CLIENTS MyMicro Group services a wide range of clients through its various business models. Within Twindis it services electronics retailers, telecom retailers, repair professionals and IT service providers. Within Replace Direct and it services the end consumer and business to business clients such as schools and government institutions.

RESULTS SO FAR MyMicro Group has become the provider of choice for the after-market repair industry in the Benelux, offering over 1.000,000 repair parts and class leading service.

AIM Becoming a market leading company within the after-market repair parts industry. At MyMicro Group we believe that everyone should enjoy their devices as long as possible. Repair saves money and is essential in creating a sustainable world.

WHY 5SQUARE By providing us with the capital required to grow past our financial limitations and help us implement internal operational excellence.