Provider of next generation banking software

Five Degrees

FOUNDED March 2009

PARTNERED March 2009

WHERE THEY ARE Two teams in two countries: Netherlands (head office) and Iceland (IT team).

WHAT THEY DO Deliver a flexible and future-proof IT architecture that enables banks to respond rapidly to the evolving world of banking. It consists of a highly-automated banking platform that connects to front- and back-end systems, as well as to external web services. Clients include retail and private banks, online savings banks, asset managers, and new ventures in the financial services industry.

WHY The financial industry is in an existential crisis. The banking crisis has caused banks to rethink their strategy, their role in society and their services. An experienced team of bankers, IT experts and marketers saw an opportunity for a new customer-centric banking system.

High customer satisfaction.
Full control.

THEY ARE DEDICATED TO INNOVATION Not only does the future-proof architecture enable financial service providers to respond rapidly to new channels and consumer devices, it also creates the opportunity to partner with multiple back-end providers. And, in doing so, benefit from the economies of scale and profit from new developments in SAAS or cloud-based services. All the ingredients are in place for it to become an international game-changer.

BUSINESS PARTNERS Microsoft, Capgemini, Figlo, Virtual Affairs.

WHY 5SQUARE 5square has been a member of the management board from the start. It bought the IT platform from Landsbanki Luxembourg in March 2009 and helped establish Five Degrees. It believes five degrees has the potential to transform the financial industry. 5square set up the financial department and defined the strategy, and is currently an active shareholder – available whenever necessary.