An employment agency in the engineering sector

Excellence AG

FOUNDED January 2013

PARTNERED January 2013

WHERE THEY ARE Düsseldorf (HQ), Köln, Essen, Aachen, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim, Leipzig, Berlin, Hannover, München, Bamberg, Enschede, Salzburg and Graz.

WHAT THEY DO Create excellent matches between highly-qualified engineers, companies and projects.

FACT The German and Austrian engineering markets are amongst the biggest in the world.

UNIQUE Traditional players have high-cost structures and little room for flexibility. Excellence AG, however, has a new business model which focuses on innovative fee structures, employment services, working conditions, and the matching of knowledge and location.

WHY EXCELLENCE It’s what the company strives for.

THE CHALLENGE Thanks to the flexibility of the German labour force for engineers and related consulting services, the market is experiencing rapid growth. Furthermore, the demand for high-quality engineering in Germany and Austria remains undiminished. The capital provided to Excellence AG had resulted in the opening of 14 offices, active in three countries (Germany, Austria and The Netherlands).

WHY 5SQUARE 5square invested because it believes strongly in the experience and vision of the management; a solid financial base from which to facilitate growth. Excellence AG has a very experienced team for this specific market. It includes highly-qualified and experienced managers with a track record in the industry who see potential for new opportunities in this field.