WHERE THEY ARE The office is located in Houten, The Netherlands, in a dynamic and inspiring working area.

WHAT THEY DO CloudSuite develops and implements a modular B2B & B2C commerce platform, which can support the most complex e-commerce strategies.

CLIENTS Predominantly wholesalers, larger (r)etailers and brand manufacturers. The scalability and flexibility of the CloudSuite-software and the possibility of seamless integration and connection with third parties software (like ERP systems) make the solutions ideal for a wide target group.

FACTS Founders have more than 50 years experience in complex B2B environments. B2B commerce is moving rapidly online and is demanding for advanced order management on the one hand and increasing demands in inspiration, customer engagement and personalization (b2c features) on the other hand. CloudSuite is built with the latest state-of-the-art technologies and enables modularity and scalability due to a genius architecture.

AIM Becoming a market leading company within the e-commerce platform technology space.

RESULTS SO FAR Many clients in different industries using CloudSuite realized increase in revenue, efficient operations and improved online awareness.

WHY 5SQUARE To further accelerate growth. CloudSuite proved to be able to deliver success to customers because of a clear vision in a highly dynamic market against strong competitors. Because of its strong business model predominantly relying on recurring revenue and the potential of the ecommerce platform 5square decided to invest.