The world’s most Advanced full flight simulator

Avion Group



WHERE THEY ARE Office in Nieuw-Vennep, and Flight Training Centers in London and Malta.

WHAT THEY DO Design, build, and operate the most advanced Full Flight Simulators and Flight Training Centers. Maintaining the highest standards that flight simulators can offer today and creating highest quality training programs that meet the expectations of tomorrow.

WHY For years, pilots had to travel around the world to get their required training. At Avion, people are now in the lead of getting their own, sophisticated, and cost-efficient flight training center, ready for the future.

ADVANTAGES The integration of all systems and components within the simulator is the technological fundament of the Avion Full Flight Simulator, making it a fully self-contained device. That is why Avion can provide the highest standards in training, while remaining very cost efficient. Costs are saved on maintenance, effective training, facility infrastructure and energy consumption. Avion is the first simulator manufacturer to combine and integrate the latest proven technologies.

BUSINESS PARTNERS Working together with esteemed partners allows Avion to excel in their business. Partners such as VDL ETG, for assembly and supply chain management, and many aircraft manufactures.

WHY 5SQUARE With its aviation background, 5square adds value on strategic, financial, and operational level.