George Rietbergen

George Rietbergen

FIRST JOB Playing (classical) piano in restaurants during business dinners.

I STUDIED Business Administration, Nijmegen University.

I AM Hands-on leader with a strong commercial/innovative focus in a B2-B2-C environment. Strong focus on vision, strategy and targets. Strong eye for detail particularly in regard to productivity and costs. Entrepreneurial and a strong drive for innovation with integration into the business. An inspirational leader with proven international trackrecord.

I LOVE To win together with a team of strong business experts.

I BELIEVE IN Approaching challenges in a positive way.

MY BUSINESS STRENGTHS Set strategies, improve operational effectiveness and motivate management teams.

RESPONSIBILITIES Dealing with the political environment within large corporations.

BEST WORK MOMENT When people shine and the results are in fighting distance.

MOST CHALLENGING WORK MOMENT Going back to the WHY question.

I ADMIRE Conductors who find the right balance between leading the orchestra while supporting individual musicality of performers.

MY FAVOURITE THINGS My grand piano, bought when I lived in Budapest .

5SQUARE IN ONE WORD Growth -partners.